Expander Body (EB) initially looks like a long tube of folded steel. It´s inserted into the ground at the required depth, either by pre-drilling, pushing or driving.


It is located at the tip of the pile or the anchor. After its installation, the body is expanded with the injection of cement grout, taking the shape of an watertight metal balloon.


By recording the grout pressure versus the volume, the information is transmitted electronically, which allows us to know the load capacity of the EB and the condition of the surrounding ground.


The Expander Body can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally.




Since smaller diameter piles are required with EB and the capacities are very high, you can save up to 60% of the time considering labor, equipment and operating expenses.


Unlike traditional driven and drilled piles that are based on trial and error, the EB allows for quality control and quality verification during installation, by transmitting information about the strength and rigidity in the soil, instead of standard deep foundations that are based on limited evidence or even only on a theoretical design.


With a shallower installation and piles of smaller diameters, the EBI saves up to 40% on foundation costs.


The EBI is a versatile system, as it can also be used as anchors for retaining walls, shoring, ground stabilization, tunnels, buoyancy control and many other applications.



This multifaceted tool, unique in its class, is also used as an anchoring element.


  • Increases the load capacity to compression and tension of each element.

  • Increases the cross section of the tip of the piles and anchors.

  • Densifies and pre-consolidates the soil surrounding the EBI.

  • Increases the tensile capacity of the anchors.

  • Allows the reduction of the bulb length of the anchors.

  • High performance yields.

  • Self-drilling EBI version for micropiles.

  • Adaptable to any drilling equipment.

  • It can be installed with different methods: drilling, vibration, jacking, pushing, as a self-drilling element, etc.

Deep foundations and anchorages